Now Record Your Screen
With Swift Presenter you can record your screen to teach employees how to install and use new applications.

Add a Presenter Headshot Swift Presenter allows you to select a picture that will be included in the top-left corner of your published courses.

Slide Branching
Set options to direct users to different slides in your course based on quiz or survey results.

New Player Skin
Preview the 5-Minute Overview Demo to see the new course interface.. Learn More

Customize Player Language
You can customize which controls are displayed on the published player. You can also customize the player language with 14 different language settings.

Pool Questions
Enter the number of questions you want to appear in a quiz. The questions will be randomly selected from the pool of questions you have created.

Randomize Questions
Randomize the order in which
questions appear.

Randomize Answers
Randomize the order in which
answers appear.


  Introducing Swift Presenter

Swift Presenter combines powerful products into one integrated package with everything you need to rapidly create e-learning courses from PowerPoint, and to develop stunning interactive content, quizzes, assessments and surveys.

Combined with the Travitor LMS you can easily share and manage your content and track your employees’ results on everything from the number of slides viewed and time spent in an e-learning course to details on how your employees answered your surveys or quizzes.

Swift Presenter Features
Rapid Flash™ Authoring
Use powerful new tools that dramatically extend PowerPoint®'s capabilities and allow you to create interactive Flash™ presentations and online training.
Record Narration
Easily record and synchronize a voice narrative with your PowerPoint® slides and animations.
Background Audio
Enhance your presentation by including a background audio track.
Edit Audio
Import, edit and synchronize standard audio files with your PowerPoint® slides and animations.
Insert Flash™
Easily add Flash™ graphics, movies, applications, and video to your PowerPoint® slides.
Quizzes and Surveys
Insert interactive Flash™ quizzes and surveys, choosing from nine different question types.
Organize Slides
Group slides under section headings for quick and easy navigation in the converted presentation.
Import Images
Batch-import images onto individual slides for quick presentation building.
Convert Presentations to Flash™
PowerPoint®-to-Flash™ Conversion
Quickly convert your PowerPoint® presentation (including animations, quizzes, and accompanying narrative) into Flash™, for efficient distribution and viewing via the Internet, CD ROM, intranets, and e-mail.
Compact File Size
Use Travitor's industry-leading Flash ™ conversion process to reduce your presentation file size-up to 90% smaller than the original PowerPoint® file.
Control Media Quality
Set audio and image conversion quality for your published Flash™ presentation.
Conversion Fidelity
Preserve your PowerPoint® 2000, XP and 2003 custom animations in the converted Flash™ presentation.
Desktop Conversion
Convert your presentations directly on your computer and avoid the hassles and limitations of server-based conversions.
Publish to LMS
Set the program to load the converted Flash™ presentation into your Learning Management System (LMS) or into your branded KnowledgePortal for advanced distribution, management, and tracking options.
Playback Features
Logo Placement
Place your logo on the player skin to emphasize your brand with your customers.
User-Friendly Navigation
Simple player navigation elements allow end-users to easily move to any part of the presentation.
Intuitive Controls
Familiar control buttons, such as Play, Pause, and Next allow end-users to control the presentation experience.
Background Loading
Behind-the-scenes preloading of the next slide ensures end-users have a smoother experience with slower Internet connections.
Track Progress
Track your progress in viewing required slides and achieving a passing score for required quizzes.
View Notes
View accompanying presentation notes from the original PowerPoint® presentation.
Customize Player
Control which player elements and buttons are visible to users.
E-Learning Features
Generate a SCORM 1.2 conformant content package.
Flexible Completion Rules
Set passing score and determine which slides and quizzes are required to complete the presentation.
Quiz and Survey Results
Automatically relay individual quiz question results and survey data to your LMS or your branded KnowledgePortal, for tracking and analysis.
Time Tracking
Track and report total user time within a presentation.