Help your teams do great work.

Get hundreds of top-rated courses in compliance, business, safety, and personal development included. Starting at just $99/month

Human Resources

Training new employees.

With Travitor, new hires get up to speed sooner — gaining a head start on the job they were hired to do. Create learning paths that include videos, slides, documents, quiz, and homework lessons. You can instantly provide them with company policies, handbooks, product training and more.

Training & Development

Develop your

Empower employees to develop their own skills when they want with 250+ top-rated courses included. Enhanced employee motivation and reduced staff turnover will lead to savings in recruitment costs.


Compliance and Safety

From sexual harassment and non-discrimination to security and employee health & safety, Travitor will help you deliver company compliance training across your business.

Sales & Support

Onboarding customers.

Provide faster support and keep customers up to date with your products and services in one place. — so you can decrease the cost of training and keep customers happy. The ability to roll-out internal product or customer training quickly leads to a faster time to market, new revenue streams, product adoption, and enhanced competitiveness.


Dashboards and Reporting

Make sure everyone is on task. See how learning is progressing to who’s on track and who needs attention. 25 auto-notifications and task cards keep students on track so they can focus on what’s most important.


Live training.

Make live learning more productive, organized, and actionable. Blend lessons and collaborate before, during, and after live events or meetings.